The first time I took a big risk to listen to my

intuitive wisdom.

It was in my last year of studying Fashion Design in University that I was starting to discover my Creative Voice.

But after struggling, A LOT, for my first three years, my profs didn’t exactly have high hopes for me.  So when we were meeting to discuss our final projects (a fashion collection instead of a thesis), and I brought them this new idea that my Creative Spirit and I had cooked up together – not only were they were not receptive, they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was going to fail. That there was just no way I was going to be able to pull this off.

They told me to pull back on my creative ideas and do something simpler.

But my Intuitive Voice, which was waking up along with my Creative Voice, was so strong, and clear.  It was practically yelling.

And my teachers weren’t yelling.  They were just dismissive and mean.  So it was easier to ignore them, than it would have been to ignore my intuition.

So.  I stopped going to most classes.  I started working like an absolute mad woman on this giant creative project.  Painting, sewing, experimenting, researching, beading, embroidering.  For about 7 solid months.  Letting my Creative Voice speak and express.  Letting my Intuitive Voice guide the whole process.

And in the end, I didn’t make a fashion collection.

What I created was a series of angel dolls.  Every part of them totally handmade.  Wearing the most amazing outfits.  Ever.  Bead and crystal encrusted with feathers and hand painted details and layers and layers of sheer sparkling magic.

Of course, my teachers had no way to grade this.  These dolls couldn’t exactly walk down the runway in the big fashion show at the end of the year.

But my Intuitive Voice said that that really didn’t matter.  So I listened.

I presented my dolls and my research to a panel of people from the fashion industry.

I wowed them.

Absolutely wowed them.  They loved me.  They loved everything about my work.  After four years of discouraging comments from my professors, This Was Huge.

And after four years of really mediocre grades, I finished at the top of the class, because that panel of people from the fashion industry had control over my grade.

And my intuition was right.

Looking back I can’t really say why or how I was able to stand strong in my intuitive knowing, as everyone around me told that I would fail.  It was a huge risk.  But I knew.  I Just Knew.

And since then, when I have that I Just Know feeling, it’s a lot easier to act on it.  I can remember this experience, and all of the others that came after it, and it’s become easy to remember that my intuition is right.  It doesn’t always look like it will be.  It doesn’t always make sense.  It often looks like a big risk.

But the older I get the more I know – not listening to my intuition is by far the bigger risk.

Listening to my intuition opens the door for serendipity and synchronicity, invites them in, and throws a big party to celebrate them.

Not listening to my intuition closes that door.  In a mean rude way that lets them know not to come back any time soon.

And I like what happens in my world when serendipity and synchronicity are partying with me.  I just know I’ll be at the right place at the right time.  I’ll meet the right person, get that exact bit of information I need, and everything I need is going to show up right when I need it.  I get to live my dreams.

Since that experience with my intuition and the angel dolls, my intuition has made some pretty crazy and risky suggestions.  But when I have that I Just Know feeling, I know it will be ok and I do it.

But you know what?  It doesn’t always turn out ok.

It usually turns out way  magically amazingly better than I ever could have thought it could.  That’s what happens when you invite intuition, serendipity and synchronicity into your life.


Andrea is a Creativity + Meditation Teacher, Healer, Artist + Magic-Maker. You can find her at and Follow @abccreativity


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