Welcome to my new website and to part one of “Stories from the Universe” – YAY! Today is my one year anniversary of taking the leap to follow my dreams. What a year it has been and I wanted to mark this ocassion with something significant for myself. Thank you to all the inspiring souls who are part of this series and to you, my creative community who have supported and grown with me.

I strongly believe that the universe sends us little messages constantly. For many years I was aware, but didn’t really listen until the summer of 2009. When I stopped to listen and make decisions guided by my intuition, that’s when I really believed I could make that change and follow my dream.

To mark May 1st, I am pleased to bring you a series of guest posts from 11 other creative souls who have played an important part in my journey so far and I am so thrilled to be hosting them. They will be sharing tales of serendipity, synchronicity and following their intuition.

This week there will be a post Monday -Saturday. I hope these stories inspire you and encourage you to take in a deep breath often and listen to yourself and the universe. Enjoy. Xx

Monday May 2nd 

Goddess Leonie Allan talks about how “The Angel Lump” changed her life.

Tuesday May 3rd 

As it’s my birthday on Tuesday, I’ll be sharing an “asking the universe” story.


Wednesday May 4th 

Christine Mason Miller will be sharing a publishing story called “Wind in the Sails”


Thursday May 5th 

Jenn Gibson follows her intuition to “Live Happily Ever After”

Friday May 6th 

Susannah Conway “we know what we need”


Saturday May 7th 

Marisa Haedike shares a podcast on “The Moment I became an Artist”

SO EXCITED to share these wonderful stories with you

Look forward to seeing your comments and please let me know if you have any stories of your own by emailing me.

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