My Plaster “postcard” for the Great Big Post Card Swap (by Beth Nicholls) 
currently on it’s own journey to Sweden

A few years ago, working in the corporate world, chugging along on my day to day schedule, just “existing”, in my window-less office, I had no idea of The Dream Life that awaited me, the one I was going to go and get for myself. A life of flexibility, creativity, kinship and being contented: Dreaming, Inspiring and Creating. When I think back, I did have an open heart, but being on the wrong path for me, wasn’t enabling it to be fully open, unable to fully invite in all the real things life had to offer.

I opened my heart to creativity, new possibilities and wow am I so glad I woke up, faced my fears and believed in myself. It’s almost a year since I made that all important decision.
The face to face coaching program session (read about the start of this new journey here), this past weekend, completely opened me up to even more possibilities, the possibility of living the next stage of my Dream Life and re-inforcing to me how we are all connected and how energy plays such an important part in how we see the world and navigate through it. I am so excited to be able to open myself up and help others. Coaching is all about empowering others to go from where they are now, to where they want to be.
As many of you know, I am a strong believer in the power of the universe, how our positive thoughts and actions put out good energy, attracting good energy back.  (Some call it the Law of Attraction) and these past few years of synchronicity, serendipity, “aha” moments and continuous “coincidences” is the universe talking back – or I will actually say It’s me finally listening to the messages its sending me. 

I am also inviting you to combine positive collective consciousness to send good energy over to Japan as they continue to struggle through the recent tragic events and start to face the aftermath. The world needs Love and Open Hearts more than ever. 

We create our own world, I see that now, 
more than ever.
I am so excited to be opening up the Spring Session of Big Dream, Small Wonders. The new 6 week program includes exercises and creative challenges to help us open up and find our way as well as creating a personalized roadmap to our Dream Life. 
(Registration opens today with a special price for my readers and subscribers here)

What do you think? How does the universe guide you along your path? 

Do you wish you had a roadmap to take you to your Dream Life. 
What does your Dream Life look like? 
If someone asked you, could you describe it?