1) Regina, it’s almost a year since we first met at Artfest, it was so lovely to meet you and continue with our virtual blog world! How important is it to you to connect with a creative tribe in person?
There is so much more of a deep, personal connection in person. It can be difficult to share a really good dialog via computer and so much emotion is lost. In person you get to see that person in action and feel, see and understand what they are communicating. I love,love,love connecting to crafty people online as much as I can, but in my dream world, I’d also love to meet every single blog buddy of mine in person too. That would be so much fun!
2) Tell us a little about your life a year ago today? 
One year ago I was starting to become introduced to various e-courses and realizing what my dreams were and what I wanted. I was working as a staff nurse 24- 36 hours per week (12 hours shifts) and feeling pretty tossed around in the ever changing and chaotic health care paradigm. I was looking at ways to change or at least decrease my hours so that I could spend more time being creative.
3) As you were embarking on this creative journey, how did you feel? 
It’s frightening to work so hard on your dreams with a family to care for. On one hand, you want to follow your dreams and be happy, on the other hand, my family comes first. So I am more cautious, having to step slowly, but upwards towards my dreams.
4) What are some of your accomplishments you celebrated for 2010 or the past year? 
One of my biggest accomplishments was decreasing my work hours to ‘per diem’ status, which means I have more control over my schedule. I am also working as a lactation consultant only, which is so much less stressful. When I go home from work, I still have enough energy to focus on my family and creative dreams. Because of this I was able to submit work to various publications and was published in 4 different magazines.
Regina’s Vision Board from the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” e-course
5) What are your top three goals for 2011/2012? 
My goals for this year are to further decrease my work hours and work on getting more of my art out out there in the world. I’d love to write a creative book, teach at Artfest (or other artsy venue), and have a booth at an arts and craft fair.

6) Tell us a little about your fabulous tutorials you offer on your blog, which is your favorite? One of my favorite things to do is teach. I love sharing what I know. I teach to new moms and dads about baby stuff at the hospital I work at, and it is such a joy. I see my tutorials the same way. I love sharing projects with my readers. The absolute best is getting positive feedback that I helped someone make something! One of my favorites is the paperbag booklet.
7) Where do you see yourself this time next year? 
I see myself continuing to grow Creative Kismet and continuing to grow myself as an artist and teacher. I can envision myself teaching art classes and surrounding myself with other creative dreamers.
8) How has the e-course “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” helped you in planning this next step in your creative journey? 
The “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” e-course was wonderful because it provided me great tools to continue working on my creative dreams. I am not the most organized person, so it was helpful to get myself a little more on track with what I wanted for myself and my business. The class provided me with loads of fun projects for making lists, diagrams and vission boards. These helped me tons with getting a clear view of what I need to focus on. It is so nice to have your vision board hanging on the wall as a wonderful reminder of your dreams. Learning to see your true potential, and believe in yourself is exactly what the creative dreamer needs. 
Regina’s Big Dreams, Small Wonders Journal and affirmation tree from the class.
9) What is your dream for your creative business? 
My biggest dream for my creative business is to be able to rely on my art financially. I’d start a brick and mortar business where I sell my art and teach art, sewing and various creative classes. My shop would have a big couch and a huge shelf with inspiring creative books for people to hang out and read. I would have an enormous table in the middle where I teach. On the walls would hang art for sale, made by my students. And I would offer free classes to underprivileged children and teens who need a creative outlet.
10) What or who inspires you? 
I am very much inspired by my children. Many times, what I make stems from a request from them. I am also inspired by the sun and the infusion of Mexican culture where I live. Geninne Zlatkis, Misty Mawn and Elsa Mora provide me with loads of artistic and creative inspiration as well.
11) What else do you like to create? 
I love to sew, and am currently trying to sew more clothes for myself. I also love to cook and have always been interested in photography.
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