Welcome to First Friday Giveaway for March!
Spring is on it’s way I can feel it!

This month I wanted to offer a giveaway that is so close to my heart. Part of this new discovery of mine in Plaster and Wax. A small piece that sat with me on my table as I created my Inspiration Tree in real life (more to come on that this Sunday!), explored new techniques with burlap and plaster and whilst I got messy beyond belief and felt so much joy.

This little completely hand-made piece is approx 3×5 inches (1/4 inch deep). Molded with plaster. Washed with acrylic, waxed and then the small markings hand marked through the wax.

All you have to do for your chance to WIN is 
Leave a comment below and tell me the following……..

“If you could make a panel like this yourself, what image would you create and why. Would you add text? If so, what would the text say?” 

I’ll choose a winner randomly next week (Wed/Thurs) Good Luck and Happy Weekend All Xx