Following on my post a few weeks ago, here is another sneaky peeky behind the scenes at Etsy.

There is so much inspiration on the wall and on employees desks, no wonder it has a great vibe when you walk into Etsy’s HQ in Brooklyn, New York.
Here are just some of the lovely sights you would see if you stepped foot behind the curtain. 
Pipes on the ceiling all snugly warm with some knit!
Funky floor sculptures!

“Time for Tea” lamp sculptures (*love*)
Employee “lab coats”
DID YOU KNOW? Every new employee at Etsy gets a “Lab Coat” to hand decorate or silk screen print with their very own design. Each new employee also gets $100 to spend on
How FABULOUS is that!
With all the inspiration, free shopping, funky surroundings and creativity, no wonder someone chose to print “I Love” 
What words or images would you put on your own “Lab Coat”