from left to right: 1) Lisa Rothen, 2) Tara Leaver, 3) Jenny Childers, 4) Jenny Blair, 5) Nelly Eisenhower

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Feb/Mar Creative Color Challenge. So many wonderful creations and artwork in the flickr group here. In this post you can see just a few of the creative genius to work with complimentary colors with the theme of “Bloom”.  Click here for the full outline of the challenge.

 From left to right: 1) Femi Ford, 2) Art Pippin, 3) Jaime Barks, 4) Jenna Kannas

From left to right: 1) Louise Gale, 2) Tara Leaver 3) Moyra Scott
Thanks again to everyone – such talent and imagination. Here’s a full list of participants.
The Color Challenge will be back in the summer, join the mailing list here to get the scoop when it happens!