Welcome to month two in our Small Wonders series. 
If you are new here, please check out the introductory post here

Wow where did February go? Did you feel like it flashed by? I am longing for Spring to arrive and the weather to change.  As I sat down to reflect on the month, I realized just how much I had going on, so no wonder it whizzed by! Here are is my entry this month:

February – My Small Wonders this month
  • Attending the Etsy Symposium at Etsy HQ in Brooklyn
  • Being photographed & video interviewed by Inc magazine (fingers crossed I make it into the magazine in April)
  • Creating a new art series for my solo exhibition in March
  • Kicking off the February Creative Color Challenge
  • Joining the blogging team for The New New art group in NYC
  • Seeing my artful sisters and meeting new creative kindreds at An Artful Journey
  • Spending time relaxing in San Fran and the Big Sur with the lovely Beth and Juliette
  • Finding my new passion for plaster and wax! woohoo! (ill post about this v. soon)
How I’m going to celebrate these Small Wonders:

  •  I’m going to take myself to Dick Blick and buy some plaster, wax and other fab materials. (there’s also a huge sale on next weekend yay!)
My Challenges this month were:
  • Getting my new art series created and everything ready before I headed off to California
Theme of the month:
  • Creating, Creating Creating!
March – My Intentions and Key focus areas:
  • My solo exhibition for the month of March (ill also be posting the exhibition online)
  • Re-building my website at louisegale.com and dream-inspire-create.com
  • Starting my life coach certificate and training – yay!
  • My tax return!
  • Adding more content and videos to the Spring session of Big Dreams, Small Wonders e-course (starts April 11th)
It feels good to put it out there! 🙂 Please join me in being brave and sharing below:
  1. What you are most proud of/what you accomplished this month
  2. How you are going to acknowledge these moments and celebrate
  3. If you had a theme for February
  4. Any challenges you recognized
  5. Your intentions and focus for the next month

Ready to celebrate? If for some reason, you do not want to share this month, please continue to go through the process, it’s so amazing to realize what the month brought you and what you will focus on next month.

So excited to hear your Small Wonders this month. Xx