This weekend, I was in heaven as I spent both Saturday and Sunday Visioning for 2011. Above is my board for 2011, and I think I’ll be making another one, as I couldn’t quite get everything on there! This year it’s all about cultivating, learning and nourishing so I love the way this Vision Board shows these themes. It’s now hanging up in my studio next to my 2010 board above my work desk.
Saturday I had the girls round to my apartment for our Annual Intentions Brunch, where we caught up on new year wishes, dreams and spent the whole afternoon drinking champagne, cutting up magazines and creating our Vision Boards for the year ahead.
Some of my friends who had come along last year, commented on how amazing it was to have accomplished much of what they had put on their boards at the last Intentions Brunch.
Such a relaxing and inspiring day.
As each of us felt we were finished with our boards, we shared what our focus was going to be for an amazing 2011.
It really is one of the best afternoons you can have with your circle of friends.
Then on Sunday afternoon, I hosted a Vision Boarding Workshop at the Monroe Centre for the Arts in Hoboken. There were 9 lovely ladies who came from all over the area to create their Vision Boards for the year ahead.
Table ready for our dreamers!
We had so much fun introducing ourselves, our plans for the year ahead and getting to know each other. One lovely lady brought along her mum and auntie and two others came long with friends and we all got along famously making a mess ripping up magazines and creating our Vision Boards.
Everyone was brave enough to share, which was so amazing.
I also met one of my Big Dreams, Small Wonders participants who came along with her friend.
How fabulous is that!
I had such a lovely time. 🙂
The start of my inspiration board for some creating!
I can just imagine how much energy was out there over the past few days, as all the participants on Big Dreams, Small Wonders were also creating their own Vision Boards for the year ahead. Our collective consciousness of dreaming was certainly making the universe work some overtime.
Feel free to check out all the photos from the weekend on flickr.
Did you create a Vision Board yet for 2011? Please do share a link to the photo or your blog post if you did.