Energy & Affirmation Tree – Jan 2011
This year, I decided to draw out my affirmations and energy sources as a visual so I could hang on my studio wall and also pop a copy into my “Big Dreams Small Wonders” Journal we will be making in the class in a few weeks.
It was such a wonderful way to affirm the direction I am taking my life in 2011, to feel stronger, calmer and continue to trust that I am being guided on the right path towards my dreams.
The affirmations on the branches have given me a great head start and I plan to add more as the year progresses and evolves. Thinking positively is key to following your dreams.
The Energy Sources in the roots are what give me strength and recharge my batteries.
If you were to draw an “Energy & Affirmation” tree, what would yours look like? If you do join me, send me a link to your blog post about it or where your photo is posted so we can share.