Here we are at the end of the first month of this exciting year. 
What’s out there on the horizon?

There’s been something in the air this month…I like to think its all of our creative collective consciousness’ putting our dreams out there into the universe and planting the seeds. Our own “Dream Seeds” to nurture and bloom. It feels like there has been so much energy in our blogging community, that I just know 2011 is going to be amazing for all of us.

The Big Dreams, Small Wonders e-course was a dream come true for me and this has been a fabulous way for me to also kick start my year. My year of Cultivating and stretching. Today’s post is the first in the new monthly series of “Small Wonders” where I’m inviting you to share accomplishments for the month just passed and what our intentions are for the month ahead. If you missed yesterdays post introducing this, pop over for a quick read. This is not only a great way to keep ourselves “accountable” for what we have promised ourselves, but to build a community to share, support and celebrate. Please join me on this wonderful journey. So here goes, mine are below…..

January – My Small Wonders this month
  • Successfully delivering and hosting my very first e-course “Big Dreams, Small Wonders”
  • Realizing my dream of becoming a creative life coach and signing up for the 9 month iPEC certificate program – it starts in March – woohoo!
  • Running my first Vision Board workshop for paying participants. (I’ve been offering Vision Board sessions for friends for a few years now)
  • Taking part in Misty Mawn & Brave Girls e-courses
  • Being inspired at PrintSource NYC
How I’m going to celebrate these Small Wonders:
  • I celebrated my successes this month by taking time out (I’ve been glued to my studio desk for a month!) to meet up with friends, enjoy good food, wine and conversation. (I celebrated all of this weekend). 🙂
My Challenges this month were:
  • Keeping 100% fit as I put my back out with an injury for over a week. 🙁
  • Feeling okay about the “lull period” that occurs sometimes when you first put your dreams/goals out there. This is an area of self development for me as I am always wanting to constantly be doing something to move forwards. Recognizing this lull period and letting the dreams sit there and cultivate is so important.
Theme of the month:
  • Planting my Dream Seeds for 2011 and beyond
February – My Intentions and Key focus areas:
  • Hosting a fun Creative Color Challenge & Swap
  • Offering content from my e-course in small digestible e-book chunks
  • Sharing more resources on my blog
  • Attending An Artful Journey (AAJ), seeing some old artful friends and meeting new ones. (CANNOT WAIT!)
  • Opening my heart & mind up to exploring a new medium. (I’m taking the lovely Stephanie Lee’s class at AAJ where we get our hands dirty with plaster)
  • Create some new work for an upcoming exhibition in March.
It feels good to put it out there! 🙂 Please join me in being brave and sharing below:
  1. What you are most proud of/what you accomplished this month
  2. How you are going to acknowledge these moments and celebrate
  3. If you had a theme for January
  4. Any challenges you recognized
  5. Your intentions and focus for the next month

If you would also like to share you are joining me on “Monthly Small Wonders”, I have created a blog button to shout it from the rooftops! (grab the code on from the button on the right side bar)

You ARE going to make 2011 your year!