Today is the last day of my e-course Big Dreams, Small Wonders. For the last 4 weeks, 85 creative souls have been clearing, letting go, celebrating, dreaming, planning and putting a roadmap together to enable some great things to happen in 2011.
Many of us in this creative community have set intentions, words and themes for the year ahead and I know we all start the year off with such great energy. Goal setting and planning the year ahead, can be an exciting and challenging task and so much thought and open heart is put into such a process. One of the key things I have learnt in identifying my own dreams, drawing out my own roadmap and putting action plans into play, is that having some kind of accountability, support or community is what motivates us and guides us.
So I’ve decided (and am very excited) to introduce a new feature on my blog to support the lovely souls who have and will be attending the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” e-courses this year AND all of you dreamers out there who have put dreams into the universe. 
I’m pleased to introduce “Monthly Small Wonders” on my blog. It’s open to all to participate in (not just e-course participants).
Every month we will gather here to celebrate the Small wonders /accomplishments/proud moments from the month just passed and identify our key intentions and focus for the month ahead. Not only will we be “putting it out there” (an extremely brave thing to do), we will share and build a community of sisters (boys of course you are welcome too!) “making it happen” who will share, support, grow and celebrate together.

So here is the scoop!

  1. On the last day of every month, I will post my own “Small Wonders” for that Month and what I am focusing on for the month ahead (this is a way to hold myself accountable!). Any lessons learned, resources found and challenges to share with you.
  2. I will then invite you to do the same on the comments. This can be very high level without too much detail, but the main purpose is to voice and tell the universe what you are proud of from the past month and your intention for the month ahead. I will also invite you to join me in creating a Dream Board to visualize and support your intentions.
  3. We can then all visit each other to offer support, celebration and any key resources to share.
  4. If you write a more detailed blog post each month on your own “Small Wonders” and reflections, please feel free to also post a link so we can visit each other with congratulations and virtual celebrations.
  5. As the year progresses, we will share, support and celebrate our individual journeys and as a strong creative community, making Dreams Come True.
  6. Imagine what amazing dreams we can bring into our own worlds, through this supportive. sharing, motivating process.
  7. Will you join me? Let’s shout and celebrate from the rooftop and let the universe know we mean business this year. My first “Small Wonders – Jan/Feb” will be posted tomorrow – Jan 31st.

I am so excited to be hosting this every month and providing a platform for us to travel this journey together, Xx