I have been having lots of fun making these really cute simple ornaments both for the Ornament Swap Color Challenge and for my First Friday Giveaway (still time to enter). These are so easy to make, I wanted to show you so if you wanted to fill your tree with similar ornaments or give as gifts, you can create these in a jiffy!

First of all, grab your supplies above. I used 1 inch glass tiles, various ribbons (cut@ approx11 inch strips), silver and copper wire (cut@ approx11 inch strips), tools and flat heart findings for the extra pizazz!)

 1) Wrap your ribbon around the glass tile leaving equal amounts of ribbon at the top

2) Hold the ribbon and tile in one hand and with the other, place the middle section of the wire over the tile and wrap around securing the ribbon. This can be as randomly wrapped as you wish.  Work the wire towards the top and leave about 1/2 an inch on either ends of the wire.

3) Wrap the remainder of the wire around the ribbon at the top of the glass tile to hold it all in place.

4) Carefully slide the flat finding under the wire to finish it off. There you have it!

I cant wait to get my tree next weekend as many of these will be hanging on it along with lots of lovely hand-made ornaments from some of you. 🙂 Also perfect for a tree trimming party I’m going to in a few weeks. If you do make some of your own, please either blog your lovely creations or take a photo and send me a link. If you have your own tutorial for an ornament, please feel free to post in the comments below too! Happy Holiday Creating. 🙂

Pop by on Tuesday for the winner of First Friday’s Giveaway.