Tonight is a solstice lunar eclipse and tomorrow night is the last Full Moon of the Year – how amazing! 3.17am EST, is supposed to be when the Moon will be in deepest shadow, displaying the most fantastic shades of coppery red.
Above is my last Dreamboard for 2010. Where has this year gone I ask myself! As everyone is rushing around, buying presents, wrapping, eating, drinking, going to concerts and parties, I have taken a very conscious decision to look after myself and be calm for the next few weeks of the year. Enjoying every moment, savoring it, being present and honoring this time of year.
I’m intending to celebrate the Solstice to honor the darkness and bring forward the light, similar to what our ancesters would of done during the shortest day. 
Join me this week, by taking a moment to honor the winter time. This simple ritual is taken from Barbara Biziou’s Family Ritual Book. I’m really starting to experience more of these rituals and traditional ways of honoring our earth and milestones in life. So uplifting and refreshing to get back to some core beliefs.

This is a brief overview on how to honor the darkness and winter time 
(you can find a more detailed explanation by following the link above and looking inside the book)

Sit in darkness and surround yourself with
evergreens, holly, mistletoe and other earthy treasures from the season
think about what you can reclaim
this could be something as simple as time
time for yourself
time to reflect on the year about to come to a close
time to enjoy the season with friends and family

Once you have thought about this and set your intentions, start to light candles to call on the light and bring it back, representing the time of change as we start to work our way towards longer sunlight days. Another way to call back the light is to play instruments or music. Also a way of celebrating.

Wising you all a Happy, Healthy Solstice and Season. Enjoy. Xx