I love old black and white movies.
I love old movies with a heartfelt message. 
I love old movies that I can watch every year at Christmas time and feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside and still shed a tear or two. 
One of those movies is “It’s a Wonderful life

Ever since I can remember, this is a movie of Christmas traditions in my family home. Its the only movie that I have seen my father shed a tiny man tear for. Christmas eve, sitting by the Christmas tree, having a glass of something cheery for the festive season and eating a home-made mince pie.
Now in my own home, far away from the family, I watch this movie during the festive season and it still makes me smile and cry and feel that we are all connected in this universe, planet and wonderful life.  So last night, I snuggled up with only the twinkle lights from my tree on, cup of tea, home-made scone (house warming gift from a lovely friend) and watched the movie, uninterrupted. Heaven.
 For anyone not seen this movie: George Bailey a happy go lucky guy, has spent his entire life giving of himself to the people of Bedford Falls…. Holding big dreams to travel the world and make a huge difference in the world. Due to circumstances and his strong heart, instead stays in his hometown to take over his fathers banking business and marry his local sweetheart. Many years on,  on Christmas Eve, he finds himself in a situation where he has nowhere to turn. Wishing he had never been born, a Guardian Angel (in search of earning his wings) in human form is sent down to show George how significant his life has been, how he has made amazing differences in peoples lives and by staying in his hometown doing what he has done in his life, has been the greatest gift of all. 

This movie reminds me how each of us play an important role, making differences to everyone we meet or that are in our lives. Time to take some reflection and celebrate all the Small Wonders we have such a privilege to witness in this lifetime.

“Remember no man is a failure, who has friends”

What are some of your favourite festive movies you love to watch, cry at, or make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Do you have Christmas movies you watch every year? I’d love to hear about them, please share below. Xx