Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I took a little step back this morning as I sat and watched the world go by out my window. I saw a man carrying two freshly made pumpkin pies down the road, balancing one on each hand on his way to a Thanksgiving dinner no doubt! I started to think about all the friends, family and fabulous creative souls I have met and how thankful I am to have them in my life.

Then I realized something. Something really significant happened last November. At the time, I did recognize a shift and that the universe was telling me, nudging me to go ahead. To make a decision. Only now, thinking of how that decision then created new connections and my own life to unfold, I realize how significant it was
Many of us know the artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Well I dont think I ever explained that finding her blog summer 2010 and reading her book, was the first thing that really helped me realize I too could follow my passion. When I found out she and Mati McDonough were then due to run a class at An Artful Journey (AAJ) the following February in California, I jumped to read all the details, but those little doubts inside me stopped me signing up straight away. Then when I finally decided I was going to go for it and attend a retreat for the first time, I discovered the class was full. Crushed, I put myself on the waitlist and decided to cheer myself up by registering for another retreat – Artfest in Port Townsend for April. Mondo Beyondo talks about the “Art of Forgetting” when you have a dream. So that’s what I did about AAJ. It had upset me so much that I didn’t act faster to register initially. I “forgot” about AAJ, I “forgot” that I wasnt going to meet Kelly Rae or Mati, I “forgot” how I didn’t act and therefore missed an opportunity. I “forgot” for a few days, maybe even a few weeks.
Hungry for more, I decided to push the boundaries further by signing up as a sponsor on Kelly Rae’s Blog to take that big step and “get myself out there”. The very day I decided it was ‘time to start’, I received an email to say a spot had opened up on the class at AAJ! Amazed at the “coincidence” I got excited, then realized….. I was now going to Artfest. What do I do? Do I go to both? hmmmm cant really afford to do both and ill be flying to the west coast in both Feburary AND April. Yes that little voice inside was doing a good job of talking me out of this…..logic told me it was too late. But my intuitive side was screaming at me that this “coincidence” was too fantastic to not be a sign.
I followed my intuition and found a way. Attending An Artful Journey, my first art retreat was one of the best decisions I made and instincts I followed. Being on the brink of making that decision this time last year, really brings home how different my life could be.  The kindred spirits I met at AAJ and Artfest (and later in 2010 at Squam), who I am honored to call friends, continue to be one of my important energy sources to keep me going as I have seen my 2010 goals and dreams happen one by one. I now know I was meant to be there,  on that retreat, no matter what.
So, I wanted to take this moment, on Thanksgiving here in the USA to say Thank You. To the universe for the big sign and second chance, to my friends and family who offer ongoing support and to the amazing creative community I am so fortunate to be part of.
What are some of the significant moments you are thankful for?  Any particular decisions you can pinpoint as being life changing? Is there something you are talking yourself out of now, unsure of what to do?

You know deep inside what you need to do. 

PS. Talking of life changing retreats, I’m excited that Beth Nicholls – one of my lovely creative friends from AAJ  just announced her creative business venture and wonderful “Do What You Love” Retreat for May 2011 in England. I cant wait. 🙂