Today is the first ever National Entrepreneurs Day in America and this week also saw Global Entrepreneurship Week. How great is that!

So what is an entrepreneur? The Collins English Dictionary says “Person who attempts to profit by risk or initiative” I don’t think this explanation really gets to the core of what it is to be an entrepreneur.  This video which was part of the Entrepreneur Day campaign explains with much more passion and understanding that there is a little Entrepreneur spirit inside ALL OF US. One Individual CAN make a difference.

As I’ve been writing content for the Big Dreams, Small Wonders ecourse, I’ve also been thinking about how one “small idea” that has passion and good intentions behind it, can manifest and grow, evolve and potentially change lives. Having a vision to make a difference in just one persons life is something I feel good about. I started to think about our effect on other peoples lives and them on us. A conversation had, a chance meeting, a gesture, a phone call made, an encouraging nudge in the right direction, a story shared, community and the idea that we are partly who we are, because of  people we meet, experiences we have had. We may think some of these are chance meetings or occurrences, because we dont make the connection at first, but we all play a part.

You dont need to be an entrepreneur to change lives, we all have it inside of us to make a difference.

Who are some of the people who have sparked a positive change in you, is there anyone who you can honestly say has changed your life? Is there someone you know, who could use your help on something? or maybe just an encouraging nudge that they are doing the right thing and not to let fear stop them. Go on, pick up the phone, write that letter. You Know What To Do. 🙂

Have a Great Weekend Everyone. xx