I had this dream once that I was floating into the sky, light as a feather, bursting with white light, traveling far and wide and carrying hopes and dreams.
Imagine being surrounding by hundreds of dreamers and souls taking part in an annual ritual to send hope into the universe, to let go of everything they see as negative and start afresh. Well this is what Loy Krathong Day is throughout Thailand.

Its called the festival of light and takes place on the full moon of the 12th month. Today. It’s called the “festival of light” as the skies are filled with “khom loy” (floating lanterns) and the waters with “krathong” (decorative vessels crafted from banana trees).
Light and flames are used in many rituals. For those you who plan on joining me, we will be conducting a completion ritual using the power of light in week one of Big Dreams, Small Wonders in January to say goodbye to 2010.
Here is my Full Moon Dreamboard for November.
Nelly also posted her Dreamboard in the flickr group pool.Did anyone else join us in creating a Full Moon DreamBoard this month? As the holiday season approaches, I’m manifesting hopes of being calm, helping others, connecting and moving home (I’m so excited to tell you about this) on December 1st. Moving home has such an amazing serendipitous story attached to it, so Ill spill next week.To plan for next months Dreamboard session; We start on the New Moon which is Dec 5 and post by the Full Moon which is Dec 21st, so mark your diaries and hope you join us. 🙂