I feel so fortunate to say there are many dreams that have been coming true for me lately and creating an online class to share the tools to help others move forward is one of them. As I start to reflect on the past year and think about where I was this time last year, the world looks so different to me. I really want other creative souls to feel this way, to feel that following your passion is the right thing to do, no matter what anyone else tells you. (even that inner voice of ours sometimes)
I have been gathering all my tools and techniques I have used this past year for success and put them along with some other fabulous activities into a 4 week online class to run for the month of January 2011. Together as a community, I would love to see us all make some great plans and celebrate all the Small Wonders along the way.  I recorded this 5 minute video below to tell you some more, so please grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy. (this is my first ever ‘record myself’ video too – yikes!)

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Thanks everyone, I’m so excited to celebrate 2010, dream and plan some great things for 2011.
Please share far and wide….. The youtube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzNGYeCIkvU

Feel free to add any questions or comments. I hope you will join me in creating plans for what is going to be an amazing 2011. Have a fabulous day. 🙂