Hi everyone, this month is just the giveaway and what a splendid one it is. I have recently found my heart being pulled towards poetry and writing some myself, so when this gorgeous book of poems found its way to me, I wanted to be able to share this with you. 🙂

I have one copy to give away to a lucky person, a signed copy by the author. “Wind & Autumn Leaves” is a lovely collection of short poems by James L Collymore. Over 35 pages of James’ collection of “Heart, Mind & Soul” words.

Poems he has written since he was 18 years old, kept close to his heart and has found that now is the time to share with the world. The three sections in the book cover the neutral, the negative, and the positive and there are over 35 poems for you to enjoy.

So many delightful words will melt off the pages as you read these in contemplation: Meditations & Observations, Wobegone, Hopeful and epilogue divide the areas of the book.

Here is just one of the poems you can expect to enjoy.

Always Have – Always Will
It seems as though I’ve known you
for the longest time.
And all the dreams and plans you’ve made
are slowly becoming mine

I have laughed, i have slept.
I have longed, I have wept,
for all the good thing that we’ve had,
all the secrets that you’ve kept,

But if all this should pass
into the distant tomorrows,
It will surely fill me
with infinite sorrows.

So now let my heart speak, and let yours remain still…..

As a friend I have loved you
and I hope…I always will.

“Wind & Autumn Leaves” can be purchased from Amazon.com here and also all major bookstores. it can also be downloaded as a pdf version on lulu.com ($5 less than regular price) and as an ebook on Apples ibookstore for your ipad, iphone or ipod touch. How cool is that!
To win this delightful book, please leave a comment below: either with a line or link to your favourite poem or lovely inspiring quote.