From top left across: 1.LoveandPeas , 2. Just Jax, 3. Gumnut Logic, 4. Carola Bartz, 5. Dana Barbieri, 6. Kristin Dudish, 7. BostinStuff, 8. Jamie Barks, 9. Regina Lord , 10. JustMelanieJune, 11. CreativeBeast, 12. BeckyV.

When I set the Lavender Purple challenge, I wasn’t sure how this would pan out this week as this color really did scare me a little, but I have to say i think this was the most fun week. Maybe because we could add the other colors if we wanted with that little extra freedom or perhaps because i was in the swing of creating as part of this challenge. I hope you all enjoyed your final week as much as I did. Please check out the rest of the fabulous entries in the flick group here.

Here’s my final entry. Mixed Media on 8×8 stretched canvas. i used collage papers, ribbon, buttons, pen, plaster. Really loved making this piece. I incorporated all the challenge colors except for Raspberry red! The scan is a little blurry because of the raised objects.

What an absolute joy to see all of the purple colors mixed in when I took a look at flickr today. So much purple divineness. Thanks again everyone for taking the time to create and be part of this. So many creative souls. 🙂

So yes this is it! The Creative Color Challenge is over for August. I will be posting a final wrap up in the form of a little screenshow movie tomorrow night which will also be posted on youtube, so I hope everyone is okay with me including one or many of your creations to showcase what a great experience this has been. (if you do not want to be included for some reason, thats okay just email me asap). Everyone who has participated will be credited in the movie. Ill also be announcing the randomly selected participant who wins a little colorful goody for taking part on tomorrow nights post.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone and please check back tomorrow for the final Creative Color Challenge Wrap Up. I’d also love to get your final comments and reviews on taking part then too. 🙂