There are many wondrous things about this world that inspire and enchant me.
The moon is just one.

When I re-arranged my Art Studio recently, I positioned myself at my workdesk, so I could look out onto tree tops and sky during the day, then have full sight of the Moon at night.

Starring at it, Basking in its Energy
Knowing it has some kind of Pull on All of us
Finding myself Completely Mystified by its Light and MagnetismTonight marks a new moon in Virgo leading us to the Full moon on Sept 23rd which is the Autumn Equinox.
It is also the start of Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year

The New Moon (and up until the moon is full) is a time to begin new things, to be spontaneous. Time for a New Start.

So over the next two weeks, I’m going to be thinking about what I’d like to invite into my world for the remainder of the year, reflecting on my vision board from January and preparing myself for the new season later this month.

Here I am with my 2010 Vision Board

So please join me to take a moment over the next few days to sit quietly, recognizing all the amazing experiences and memories we have formed over the summer and start afresh – whether it be a new project, new outlook, new morning ritual, to listen or to allow ourselves to let something or someone go. Now is the time for the next amazing step in our journey.

Think about what you would like to invite into your life over the next few months – you can even collect images to help identify and capture them if you are a visual person like me! So on this New Moon, I’m starting a new ritual to align myself and activities with the phases of the moon and I’ll be making a “dreamboard” to help me focus and listen more closely to natures rhythms.

I have had so many serendipitous moments when I’m balanced and listen to that universe, that I cant wait to see what presents itself. I’ll post mine around the time of the full moon (Sept 23), so if you’d like to join me, please do.

“All you long for will lie curled warm in your palm if you lay yourself open and surrender to the shape of things.” excerpt CV Trimmer 2006