“Mystical Garden” Acrylic on canvas

I’ve been trying to let go
Cultivating the sense and belief that something is almost here

Quieting the mind, seeing the bigger picture, allowing wounds to be healed

“Botanical Bliss”, mixed media on canvas
There’s a new beginning
I do not know what exactly
It’s around the corner, over the hill, under the trees, through the forest

“Tranquil Garden”, acrylic on canvas

Something bright, blissful and welcoming
Knowing friends and past life encounters that nourish the soul are close by.

New artwork is emerging and flowing more freely
A door has been opened.

“Lotus Bloom”. Acrylic on Canvas

Will I now uncover the secret I already knew
Yes, I believe I’m finally listening….

I went to yoga this morning and took some long breaths.
Do something for yourself today, just you.
Something that makes you shine inside and smile to the world.

I’m preparing myself for Squam. Being re-united and meeting new creative souls
So excited and ready.

Also forgot to announce the randomly picked winner from September’s First Friday Giveaway! (sorry) Pleased to say it’s: Kelly From Kellys Art journaling/Sharing the journey. Kelly please email me your address: info[at]louisegale.com