Still reflecting on my own Vision of Squam. I’ll be posting some more photos and reflections soon, but in the meantime, here is a poem I wrote whilst in this wonderful place to finally let go of something.

Falling for Fall
That’s what I will do
By falling for Fall
I hope to feel feel less for you.The colors so warm
My heart feels so cold
I long for new beginnings
For a new life to unfold.I’m falling for fall
Oh yes I am
My favourite time of year
Have to get out of this jamJust cant seem to break
From this foolish mistake
Of trusting so much
and letting you take….

My soul it just knows
That we’ve lived before
And will soon meet again
Through a new lifetime door

So I’ve fallen for Fall
It’s my new best friend
Can see the wood through the trees
And am now on the mend. 🙂

Crunchy leaves
Cool fresh breeze
Wearing long boots
And not give 2 hoots
About moving on, singing a new song and falling for fall so my heart can say…so long.

Happy Fall Equinox everyone. Equal Day, Equal night, rebalance yourselves, feast on your harvest, share and give thanks.

Tonight is a full moon and also the super harvest moon. For the first time in two decades, the Sun will sink as the full Moon rises exactly opposite to it on the day the summer ends, creating a strange 360-degree twilight show. Then at 11.09 EST, Jupiter will be its brightest sitting right next to the moon.

Below is my Full Moon Dream Board I created to set my intentions for the coming month ahead. Not everything is in here, but I think it captures the essence and direction I want to go in pretty well.

Did you create one? if so, post a link below. (The next new moon is Oct 7th with full moon on Oct 22, so you can join in again then, if you didnt get a chance this time around)