Photo taken by Thea Coughlin

A week since I said farewell to fellow Squam friends and I still feel a strong connection to that time and the outstanding people I met. This past week has been all about community, reflections, connections, letting go, finding more of my artful ‘tribe’ and soulful flying…. I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it has been to meet all of the kindred spirits who have crossed my path with kind words and smiles during this time.
Brown Betty Cabin: Alison, Meghan, Louise, Pat, Jess, Tammy.

Our Brown Betty Cabin Family at Squam. Fireside chats into the night, smores and wine, good company, laughs and friendships that will only get stronger as we continue our creative journeys.

It was so great to see Lorrie and Lindy from the February edition of An Artful Journey again and spend lots of time with lovely Beth at Squam, Portsmouth, NH and in NYC these past few days also. My heart has felt such joy being around you all.

Beth and I also met up with Jess from Squam again in NYC (a quick bite to eat and drink before she spent 2 days at the Maker fair in NY) and Anna-Marie (another artful journey sister) also came down from Rhode Island to spend the weekend in NYC with us (it was like an arty pyjama party at my place!).

Then if you thought it couldn’t get any better, this Saturday, I organized for some of our fellow flying sisters to get together for brunch, chats, art swaps and lots of laughs in Hoboken, NJ. Some traveled over 2 hours to join us into the early evening.

Flying Sisters of the North East: Silvia, Ivy, Nelly, Heather, Heidi, Beth, Beth, Louise.

We all took Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons this past June and after a local ‘flying sisters’ group was set up on facebook for all of us in the NE part of the USA (thanks Helene!), a meetup was a great way to start off the special bond we all have in addition to taking the class together – to celebrate art, love and life. So great to meet you gals! (Actually Nelly, Heidi and I met at Artfest in April too!).

A truly amazing couple of weeks, feeling fuzzy inside, mentally and soulfully rested. What a feeling. 🙂

I’ll be posting more about the classes I took at Squam, later this week 🙂