Welcome to my first interview in a new series. I’m pleased to introduce you to Jason Gluskin, a painter/fine artist based in Hoboken/NYC area originally from Boston. Check out this short intro video. (music is also by Jasons talented dad) View in youtube also here.

Hi Jason, can you tell us a little bit about your art and what inspires you.
Like most artists my work is an extension of myself. I like to think I’m a pretty positive guy and hopefully that transcends through my work. I’ve been creating since I was a little guy… but have only been painting seriously for about three years or so now. People say my style is musical, whimsical and colorful. I’ll take that! I’ve had the creative bug since I can remember. I need to keep putting my energy into some artistic outlet or otherwise a big part of me feels suppressed. I’ve tried various channels but right now painting seems to be working. I play guitar for fun, have a creative day job, listen to music all day, read a lot… I need all those things to keep me inspired.

What kind of art education did you have growing up?

I did not go to art school but I was raised in an environment that was full of culture and learning. My grandmother is an artist, my dad is a really talented guitarist and songwriter, mom is a reading teacher and was always feeding us with books and history. Jimi Hendrix, Dali, Kurt Vonnegut, Worhol, Keith and Mick Spielberg, that was all around the house… it was a blast!
I minored in studio art in college but studied marketing and business which seemed like a practical outlet for my creative juices. I also have a Master’s degree in integrated marketing. Part of me wishes more focused and rigorous about my art back when I was 18, but I was more interested in partying, my friends and girls than getting into a gallery. Actually, I never had any ambitions to be a painter. That just happened. I’ve been getting my real art education in the past few years and love learning about new styles and the history behind the masters.

Congratulations on your recent press coverage. What would you say is your one biggest piece of advice to get press coverage and then dealing with interviews?
Journalists are looking for interesting stories. Figure out a way to tell yours in a unique way and get it to them. Check out Jason’s recent interview on WMBC’s News below or on youtube here

You also work a hectic fulltime job. How do you manage to keep the balance between work and being creative? Do you ever sleep? 🙂

By day I work in the music industry in marketing and business development. I’ve held positions at Rolling Stone, Live Nation, SIRIUS XM and currently an awesome company called TuneCore that allows artists to distribute and market their music digitally without a label. I love my work, feel good about it and it pays the bills. I feel very fortunate that I’ve found a wonderful path and balance in career and passions on the side.

I also love painting so it’s never a chore. I’ve found that as soon as I put myself in front of the canvas it just comes out and relaxes me… no matter how tired I am at the end of the day. And, no. I don’t sleep a lot haha.

What is your biggest challenge as a creative person – and how do you overcome it?

Good one. There are many. First off I’m most always full of energy. With that I have high aspirations and a lot I want to accomplish which can get exhausting. I’ve learned to slow myself down a bit, let things unfold at their own pace and enjoy the process. Also, being an artist does make you more sensitive to things. You feel, see and dig a bit deeper and have to learn how to balance that out in a healthy way. I was raised Jewish but have embraced Buddhism and meditation over the past few years to keep myself chill and in check. It’s the best drug I’ve found. That and running.

What advice do you have for people just starting to explore their creative dreams?

Follow your dreams and your heart, man! Do what makes you happy. Nothing in life is easy and happens overnight. Study the greats in all fields. They’ve all worked their ass off for years before a big break (with very few exceptions).
I’ve been developing this thing of mine since I was 5. Its so much fun but I always feel like I need to learn more and develop. You have to love it and you can’t measure success on selling your work or getting shows or you’ll be utterly depressed. You just have to do it because it makes you happy or is an expression. If other people dig it too that’s just icing on the cake. And if you can sell your work… well that’s a whole other thing that you need to manage internally. It can be both complicated and awesome. We’re all very emotionally attached to our art.

Leverage the internet and communicate with your fans. I am always flattered when anyone compliments me. No matter who they are. Art is so subjective… it’s so amazing when somebody gets it. Also there is no definitive path for being an artist. My biggest challenge is I don’t want to be trapped in my style. In life we tend to go back to what worked in the past before for success. But that’s mundane. Pushing yourself is scarier but more rewarding. I hope I can just keep growing and developing as an artist and person and just enjoy the ride. It’s pretty awesome.

Thanks to Jason for taking the time to share with us. You can also view more artwork and prints on Jason’s website and get the latest info/connect with Jason on facebook.

Everyone… which is your favourite piece of artwork? I adore the cityscapes 🙂