So many things have been making me smile lately, here are just 5.

Happy Marriages
(happy 1st wedding anniversary to my brother and Eva)
Photo taken by me – London, September 2009

Cards picked randomly, knowing they were meant for my eyes, reminding me.

Peacock Images back in my life
(there was a time earlier this year where I was seeing peacock designs EVERYWHERE!)
Card handmade by Shannon

Thank You notes from a kind hearted artful friend
(Thanking me for running the Creative Color Challenge in August)
Shannon you are a sweetheart.

Surprise yummy gifts in the mail from a kindred spirit.
(also wrapped in handprinted paper she made at Squam)

Beth, I’m so happy you are in my life and someone I call “dear Friend”

Thank you to all, making me smile. Thank you universe too. 🙂

What has been making you smile lately?