From top left across: 1. Just Jax, 2. Fleuronic, 3. Gumnut Logic, 4. Jaime Barks, 5. Pippin, 6. BostinStuff , 7. Artyherberts, 8. OneLittleHouse, 9. Shannon Olszewski, 10. Leanne Sim , 11. LoveandPeas 12. Exploring Creativity

So how did you find this color? I know a few of us had some issues with how our camera changed our lovely Sea Greens into different shades, I had a little challenge mixing the color myself to find the shade I was after. Then how great was it to be taking part in the double wammy of challenges and also following the theme of “To The Sea” with Cathy Nichols and her Found Art Friday. YAY! I did a separate post for FAF and my final piece can be seen there.

Cant believe the Challenge is nearly over! We have just one more week left, so check back Sunday around 3pm for the final color and final challenge. ooooh what color will it be. 🙂