From top left across: 1. Moyra Scott, 2. Gwynnie B, 3. Kylie Law, 4. LoveandPeas, 5. Kristy Smythe, 6. Sweet Myrtle, 7. Brigid Gallagher Davies, 8. Creative Kismet, 9. lulapieclothing 10. Arty-San, 11. ImagesbyJax , 12. Trulyana

Another fabulous week of gorgeous color creations! Well done everyone, more inspirational work.

How did you find this color? Did you feel passionate creating in it? Did it stir anything inside? Or did you find it quite a challenge?

I decided to keep it simple this week with the color being the backdrop and using white to create the imagery over the top. I found that I had to leave my piece and come back to it each day this week and now I’m pretty happy with the finished product. Here is my entry:

Raspberry Red/White Bloom. Prints available here.

Well done everyone! Ill be posting the new color and challenge Sunday at around 3pm EST. There will be a little twist for week #3, so get ready to explore the next color in a slightly different way. 🙂