Hi everyone, hope you are enjoy August so far.

For those of you deep in this color challenge with me, how are you feeling?

I went for a lovely long walk on Monday (without my camera!) and I have to say, the world looked so differently to me. I was noticing more yellow out there. More ladies were dressing in cute yellow, white & black dresses, saw more yellow taxis, flowers, products and so much sunshine color!

The realization for me was that I was noticing it more…was it always there and i didnt see it? Was it because i was so focused on yellow and creating in it (how scared i was of that color last week) that my eye was “tuned in”.

This excited me so much that I had an urge to just paint, a big canvas, huge! and just go for it with color and shapes and well whatever came to me….it was liberating. I wanted to pair colors together I had never thought would go….something was different. (sneak peak of a part of the painting in progress above!)

Are you feeling it too?

I hope your raspberry creations are going well. Here’s a sneaky peak of one of mine.

I’m also pleased to announce comment no3 was randomly selected for this months First Friday and so Caryn Lynn is the winner of the Duffy Daffodil Bulbs- congrats! Caryn, please email me your address to info[at]louisegale[dot]com. Caryn commented “the little finches that perch themselves on top of my sunflowers to snack on the seeds are my most favorite yellow thing right now”

See you on Saturday for this weeks Raspberry Red Wrap Up!