WOW! Here we are in our last week of the “Creative Color Challenge”
I’ve really enjoyed creating with you all

Week #5 – Lavender. This color is for dearest Chrissy. 🙂

When in Australia a few years ago, I spent the day at a lavender farm. The scent and surroundings were so aromatic and wonderous, it is a place I visit often in my thoughts. Since then, lavender scents & colors continue to be part of my daily life, but I am yet to explore the color through art. I have to admit, creating in purple SCARES me (just like it does Chrissy). 🙁

So this is our final challenge for August. There’s just one little added twist: You may add other colors but ONLY: Sunflower Yellow, Raspberry Red, Turquoise Blue, Sea Green, Black and White and any metallics. (use any or all of these)

Purple represents spirituality, mysticism, creativity, royalty and inner wisdom.
Light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings.

So lets connect with our inner self and spark some nostalgia as we revisit our creative journeys and the colors that some of us have had the joy to explore over the last month.

So excited to see your final entries for the August challenge. Please add your images to “The Creative Color Challenge” Flickr group by Sat 2pm EST (ill be sharing some of the images on my wrap up post next Saturday) Please tag with the words “purple, lavender, creative color challenge, spirituality”

It’s not too late to participate! This is the last week of The Creative Color Challenge for August, so email louise[at]britcreative[dot]com to join in and get your name and link added to the participant list and to hear about more Creative Challenges coming soon.