I’m pleased to announce I got my Stitched postcard as part of the “Great Big Stitched postcard Swap” in the mail this week yay! Thank you Jade (aka Girl Ferment). Here’s the cute card with a little tag to match too!

Such a fun time receiving and looking at all the wonderful designs. Below is my postcard i sent off to Nicole in Australia who posted about it on her blog. so nice.

It was so much fun to create this and i look forward to the next swap in October time.

Im just itching to get back into the studio and paint, paint, paint! Ive been busy this weekend, re-arranging my space, sorting things out and feathering my artful nest!

Watch this space for a challenge ill be posting on Tuesday for myself and anyone else who is up for lots of creating and exploring for the month of August, I’m so excited to get myself covered in paint again, are you?