Welcome to the “Creative Color Challenge!”

I’ve decided that August is going to be a month of letting go, exploring and playing with color (cant wait to get myself all covered in paint again!).

So I’m going to be setting myself a little challenge: to explore a different color to create with each week in August.

I‘d love for you to join me.

Different shades, (plus white and black in addition) can be used and this is going to be the challenge to explore!….creating something with just the one color. It’s open to all, in any medium and you don’t even need to join in every week.

Sound like fun?…… want to join in?
This is all you need to do……

  1. Sign up by emailing me at louise[at]britcreative[dot]com with your name and blog address. (your names will be going into a draw for a color prize at the end of August). Its open for all to join in no matter where you are in the world). Also leave a comment below to let everyone know you are up for the challenge and list any colors you’ve been longing to explore.
  2. Add “The Creative Color Challenge” button to your site to announce you are up for the challenge, (you dont need to have a blog to participate), tell your friends and encourage them to join us in this playful exploration.


  3. Starting on Sunday August 1st and every Sunday in August (there will be 5 challenges), I will choose a color for the week. We then have until the following Saturday 8pm EST to explore and create something using that color, shades of, only adding white or black. Creations can be in any medium; paint, collage, fabric, photography, mixed media etc. I may throw in an extra challenge on one of the weeks to mix it up a bit! 😉
  4. Once you have created your one or many color creations for each week, post a photo into the flickr group here: (please try to post by Saturday night 8pm est each week) and tag it with the name of the color.

    Then every Sunday night, I will do a weekly wrap up of lovely creations on my blog and pick a new color. If you would like to blog or share your discoveries of color that week, feel free to add a link to the wrap up comments on my blog, the facebook event and flickr. Then at the end of August, we will have a virtual exhibition of color extravaganza!

    I will also be sharing snippets and quotes about each color to inspire us as we begin creating. It’s going to be amazing to see the beauty and diversity we all come up with, using the same colors.

  5. Ready to explore? You don’t even have to do this on your own, you could get friends together for a paint party, paint with your spouse, mums; this could be a great fun way to get creative with the kiddies. Whatever you decide, this challenge is all about having fun, exploring color and just going for it, so let loose, get your hands dirty and lets try that color we haven’t had the courage to paint with yet!

    Challenge colors may include: Aquamarine blue, citrus orange, walnut brown, sunflower yellow, moss green and pink…who knows! So start collating your supplies and get your creative thinking caps on.

    “You can’t be at the pole and the equator at the same time. You must choose your own line, as I hope to do, and it will probably be color.”
    Vincent van Gogh.

    So who’s in? 🙂