“Vintage Enjoyed” Corks, tea and clear granular gel embedded in an 11×11 frame. Mixed media piece by me. 🙂

What does the theme “Vintage” mean to you? Amongst all the craziness of the last week or so, I am pleased that I got to attend my group art opening at the Distillery Gallery in Jersey City on Friday night. Our theme was “Vintage” and those of you who have met me, will know that when this theme was chosen I immediately thought of
VINTAGE as in wine (the act or process of producing wine; wine making)
rather than
VINTAGE as in old (or should i say representing the high quality of a past time”).

I felt that as this old storage space now turned funky gallery is right next door to a wine shop, it really emphasized the connection of my interpretation.

“The Barrel Room”, 8×10 luster print on cradled wood panel

I am also pleased to announce that I sold my piece that was displayed in the show (YAY!) titled “The Barrel Room”. It was great to chat to the couple who bought the piece about the photograph which was taken at Cline cellars in Napa Valley, CA at a friends wedding last August and how wonderful the light is out in that part of the world.

After such an amazing busy week mostly away from art, it was such a divine way to start the weekend knowing that art was back to being more present in my life.

On another note, my lovely Mum turned a young age of xxx on Sat
urday 😉 I found this wall painting sign in Seattle back in March of this year. I thought this would be a perfect way to say Happy Birthday on my blog and express how much I love you mum.

Such a cool sign dont you think?

Have a wonderfully creative and inspiring week all.