Why do I find that Rest and Play is something I do less of? I am the kind of person who has many “to do” lists, flip chart “post its” around my studio and most often an overwhelming array of “ideas” whirling around my head and for someone who is a planner, just keeps adding task after task after task!

To say do I rest? Is something I find quite a challenge in the terms of what most of us see rest as. Is there anyone out there that is like this too? Or am I alone in my insane world of “keep going”? I left my corporate role 6 weeks ago, and still I am not being good to myself in terms of allowing myself to just take time out and know its all okay to just do “nothing” for a few days.

THEN a friend pointed out that Mondo Beyondo have a Dream Lab starting up this month and my first instinct was “YES lets go” but then I thought, hang on, i’m piling MORE into my life, what am I doing? Crazy woman! but then I read a little more about the e-course and guess what! Its all about being more playful and letting things go, as I read more I realized it WAS talking directly to ME! 🙂

Who is it for?
  • Anyone who is tired of the hamster wheel and ready to rest more and worry less.
  • Anyone who is up against the compulsion to do more and be responsible at the expense of their happiness or physical well-being.
  • Anyone who would enjoy a daily invitation to be playful.
  • Dreamers who want to develop their sense of trust and spontaneity.
  • Former students of Mondo Beyondo who want to reinforce key Mondo Beyondo concepts like being flexible and following your intuition.

Photo from Mondo Beyondo

So yep! You guessed it, I signed up! I am currently also learning to fly with Kelly Rae Roberts which is a fabulous e-course with so much to read and digest. It’s also fantastic that so many of my artful sisters are also participating. The “Dream Lab” does overlap a little in terms of timing, but I think this may very well challenge me to go against that natural grain of mine a bit. For anyone who has not taken Mondo Beyondo (I know many of us have) I would highly recommend it, which is why I’m jumping on this new addition to their offerings. (There’s also a new Mondo Beyondo class starting Aug 30)

If anyone wants to join me in the Dream Lab, please let me know, but I’ll be sharing some of the activities here on my blog over the coming weeks. (it kicks off next week)

What are some of the ways you rest and take time out? Do you go to the spa, the gym, go for a walk, or like me to fully re-charge, have to take yourself completely out of your regular environment, sometimes even leave your town or country!