It’s amazing how some of my artful sisters, although many miles and sometimes oceans apart can still be so connected or on the same wave length. We are all riding a wave of something at the moment; change, fear, excitement and I think its knowing something amazing is around that corner, creating butterflies in our tummies, pushing up against our boundaries that is creating this wave of feelings.

The last week has all been about fear, permission, rest……Beth posted a video about “fear and Permission” and living the life you want, Tinnie girl reminded us “it’s okay”….., Cul*ti*vate Chrissy and Andrea and I blogged about helping ourselves rest and Mindy also noted her own feelings on “assessing our fears and pushing that perimeter”. Is it Kelly Rae’s ecourse that is helping us push up against our boundaries? I think so….It is so inspiring, educational and yes a little overwhelming with all the absolutely outstanding information Kelly Rae is sharing with her creative community. I cant wait to see what happens next.

The lovely Beth is doing a great job co-ordinating “The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap” and I’ve given you a sneaky beaky peak into a little of what my “Time” stitched postcard entails within this post, before I send off to a dear creative soul in Australia. I sat in the garden yesterday creating this in the sunshine. 🙂

So lovely friends IT IS TIME….to
“Dream Big”,
“Live Without Fear”

and yes, open up to the universe and
“Let Things Come to You”

The Dream Lab starts today also, Soooooo excited.