Dear blog and blog friends, I feel I’ve neglected you this week….so sorry. Cant wait to catch up with you all very soon. But in the meantime, here’s some smiley stuff just from this busy event hosting week I’ve had. 🙂

Filling party Rooms with Helium Balloons

Raffle Fever

Flipflop weather for Rooftop BBQs

Drinking Pimms in the sun – my favourite British Summer Drink

Curating a Group Art Exhibition to celebrate British Culture and World Cup Football where we raised $427 at the opening reception for FreeartsNYC – a local children’s charity.

Hope you have all had a great week too.

Also pleased to announce the winner from Junes First Friday Giveaway is KOLLEEN! YAY. Kolleen said “the latest thing I did was to get on the jungle gym at a park WITHOUT my kids!!” LOVE IT Kolleen. Ill get your address and post Neils Book to you asap. 🙂