make some waves in your life
positive curves of change
inviting you to go with the flow
go into the unknown

tread water

swim out further
how do you feel…….?

excited? anxious? got butterflies?

take that risk and make that change
do what your heart is telling you
you know what it is
don’t get distracted.

Focus, Be Brave, Leap and Sparkle.

this week is a week for creating some waves…
what are some of the waves you’d like to create?
….they can be little ripples,
a drop in the ocean
great big giant surf worthy ones…..
however big or small
positive change is good
you are doing something to move forward

“Create Waves: Follow Your Passion” 30×30 mixed media on canvas.

enjoy the ride my friends….

Images above are a sneak preview into a new series of mine called “Create Waves”, “Create Waves: Follow Your Passion” is currently hanging at the fabricolor building in Paterson, NJ and part of a group show until mid June. Some photos here. Also part of the Paterson Art Walk on June 12.