I have to say this week, I’ve been a little bit LOST.

My 12 year corporate job is near the end and I’m definitely in some kind of holding pattern right now, cant go back, cant move forward. Of course the rest of the world is just whizzing by me and I’m feeling a feeling I really cant describe. Bit like the scene in many movies where you are standing still in a train station and everyone is at speed walking past in a blur.

I cant seem to find equilibrium, peace, balance or focus.

Then I FOUND this quote a friend posted this morning.

“Every progression is followed by a short period of regression, it is basic wave theory and human nature. Do not be discouraged. It merely means you’re doing something right. When it happens, recognize what is occurring, pause, and then redirect yourself back in the direction you were moving in. Awareness is the first step”

So today, im going to be kind to myself, be aware and do something for our stranded Brits here in NYC because of that volcano! So most bizarrely will be standing in the middle of Times Square with a bunch of red/white/blue helium balloons tonight at 6pm. Our expat group are going to be the friendly faces to offer support to those who come along.

Tomorrow I hope to be balanced again