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Finally I’m living my Word(s) of the year! Jump/Leap Fearlessly! I finally did it, gave notice at my corporate job (after 12 years) and ill be out there from May 1st leaping heart first into my new life. Yes it is exciting and a little scary too, this unknown space I’m treading into. I have no idea what to expect and no idea what will happen, but I do know that my heart is in it 100% and that the universe and my inner guide (who has been super kind to me of late) will show me the way, send me signs open new possibilities, challenges and so much more that will
my soul and wellbeing.

Growing my creative self and following my passion

is what I aim to do.

Today as I count down, I have also made a promise to myself: to nurture my physical body, both inside and out, embrace my community both locally and in our virtual world (love you guys!), express myself more through meaningful activities, including art, photography and time to enjoy my surroundings and outside space, make time for quiet, sunshine, friends & family, yoga, meditation and myself, just to be good to myself……something that is

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I cannot begin to describe how I’m feeling right now. A sense of freedom of the time that’s yet to come, but also the anxiety and fear that has a danger of creeping in as the time draws closer. I know I’m doing the right thing and those butterflies in my tummy are going to be
dancing for the next few weeks!
How are you all feeling today?
Did you make a Word of the year? Remember how important this is to you,
what small steps can you take? everyday to

D R E A M B I G my lovely friends. Oh and if you have not already taken Mondo Beyondo OMG. It really helped me get to where I am now, the stories, reflections and support to realize we can live our passion, follow our dreams.
Next session is due to start on May 17th, check it out

Don’t make excuses, make it happen!