I am loving Portland. Such a relaxed, creative, happy and greencity… yesterday we walked for 5 hours (calf muscles are feeling it today) exploring the gorgeous sidewalks, amazing spaces (want to buy one of those wrap around porch houses- lovely!)
AND Breathing in the
cool fragrant air

in Washington Park.

Portland is known as the City of Roses, so we drank rose tea in the rose garden where i bumped into the lovely Karen and her daughter from New Zealand who I met at Artfest

How ROSY and LOVELY is that?

So many trees and people blooming around us at the moment.
Two beautiful friends are blooming creatively also.

My talented Artful Journey sisters Mindy and Danielleare two creative souls I want you all to know. Mindy was featured on Etsy this week and has the most gorgeous characters over at her Tim’s Sally site. Shes also been commissioned to do some artwork for a local folk band – go Mindy! And Danielle (when i saw her wearing her peacock feathered earrings at AAJ I knew we were destined to know each other!) just launched her Etsy store this week and has been selling her fabulous paintings where colour and words collide.

I am SOOOO excited for you both.

Today theres a spot of rain so am off to explore Powells Bookstore (the largest independent bookstore in America) Thanks Tinniegirlfor the recommendation. 🙂
AND checking out this place…how can you not go into a creative store that has huge
happy creations
on the side of it.

Have a happy creative day all.