Do you ever walk around your town and see “Signs” that you think are meant just for you and you alone? I do! Is it the universe giving you that gentle (if not almighty smack of) a push or maybe your inner guide just trying to remind you that the path you keep thinking about taking is
absolutely THE right one?

Well I was in the East Village, NYC recently pondering on my “dilemma” which I guess really ISN’T a dilemma as I know what the answer is, but it sure does challenge me to take a
but low and behold I look up across the street and see a “Sign”, a sign just

at me, “Louise Louise look up here”
A sign to push me in the right direction, a sign to tell me its okay, a sign to say you can do it….. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!
I’ve been seeing signs all my life, as I’m sure many of us have….but have just let them pass me by…messages the universe sends us….not really taking notice or thinking about it…..missing those little things that enable us to take that leap of faith and “Become your Dream” Now I’m finally starting to live my life a little differently, in the moment, listening to whats being said in the unspoken word, believing there are many signs and messages and yes maybe IT IS a “coincidence” (I don’t actually believe in coincidences!). So give it a shot, live in the moment, take a breath, think about what this message means to YOU and you alone.

It Could be a sign to ENCOURAGE

(absolutely love Falafel for the Soul)
A sign to LIFT
(Chrissy is so inspiring over at Cul*ti*vate)

A Sign that you will make it, all you have to do is

You CAN do it Cathy (aka Tinniegirl)

Anne Marie Still is making it happen by Evoking Art EVERYDAY
And signs like this
short movie
directed by Patrick Hughes that we all

want. to.