I have just spent the last few days in absolute bliss with some amazing creative people. I don’t quite know where to begin, but there was so much of Artfest that was new and exciting and so much that was just like coming home.
That warm friendly feeling you get when you know you belong.

I checked into the hostel in Seattle this afternoon and my room overlooks the Public Market on the waterfront – SO FABULOUS.

I can hear the hustle and bustle below and couldnt wait to get out to explore. Looking beyond the big red “Public Market Center” sign, I could see the water I just travelled across from the island, enjoying my moment to reflect on the experience I was so fortunate to have, so much was learned, shared, experienced. I am so happy to of been part of this and finding many kindred spirits in this newly expanded creative community.

Am off to explore Seattle and Portland for the next week….heaven.

This week, be good to yourself and follow your artful dreams…..