Greenlife or Greylife….? My new art series (official opening reception tonight!) challenges us to think about how parks and green spaces are being sacrificed for buildings and concrete. How can some buildings and environments be changed with a little greenlife around them?

Prints of “Greenlife or Greylife…?” on Velvet Fine Art paper are available in my shop here

I chose this theme as I had read an article on regeneration of towns and how wild areas and small parks were vanishing to make way for concrete. As we destroy and rebuild many of our cities and small towns, I wanted us to think about how we don’t necessarily need to choose between green and grey. The featured painting above depicts this contrast of greenlife versus grey and how the two can also co-exist. This is my favourite in the series and I shot a video here and below showing my collage process.

My Greenlife or Greylife…? solo show kicks off tonight @ Klimat in NYC. YAY 🙂