So excited to be part of this 2 day festival being held at the Monroe Arts Centre in Hoboken weekend of 20 & 21 March. Check out the promo video here where I get a few words in!

There’s going to be over 60 artists, musicians & film makers participating. I’ll be there with some friends creating a series of collaborative paintings and encouraging the crowd to participate! Ill also be exhibiting paintings, prints and other items….sooooo excited!

I’ve not really collaborated on a painting before so we are just going to get our hands dirty, get the crowd involved and have lots of fun! I plan on wearing my apron from An Artful Journey as its far too clean for my liking! I’m also amazed to have my space in the main room where the bands will be playing so I’m really interested to see if our styles, colours and images change with the different genres of music filling our senses throughout the two days. I find chill music inspires the most creativity when i paint or collage…what do you think? Do you find your art changes if you listen to different music?