Just a quick post to say I’m in Seattle YAY! and about to head off to Port Townsend for Artfest 2010. Sooo excited and thankful to be going on another art retreat. I’m completely going out of my comfort zone here and I’m excited to be learning some new techniques and meeting so many kindred spirits who I know are about to embark on their own journey. Day one, ill be learning about mouldmaking with Ty and Marica Schultz then day two and three I’m going to be taking Ornamental Stories with Nina Bagley (YAY) learning some fabulous jewellery techniques.

I’m going to completely submerge myself this weekend before taking a well deserved vacation to Portland, so be back soon. Wishing you all a creative week and to living in the moment. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Kelly Rae Roberts Artfest blogpost from 2006