Wow Spring has surely sprung here!……I have had the best few days and thrown some spring cleaning into the mix also…..the weather here has been gorgeous, everyone out in their tshirts and flipflops it feels so good. My “yummy days” started on Thursday – a dream come true with my first NYC show (photos here) then Friday night I decided to head over to Jersey City to check out the JC Fridays event held on the first Friday of each season! Art galleries, local restaurants, hair salons open their doors to show talent in the arts, we had so much fun exploring, meeting amazing people and reconfirming this is the life I NEED TO LIVE.

So with all this sun, relaxation, art and music I quietly contemplated International Womens Day yesterday and thought about all the fabulous women I have met throughout my life so far, you know who you all are! I’m sure many of you celebrated or reflected on what the day meant to you – I myself started to create a “clearing” by spring cleaning and throwing out some old clutter. I was a woman with a mission let me tell you! What I especially loved was putting 20 pairs of shoes (darn I didn’t take a photograph!) out on my front yard for lovely people to come by in the sunshine and find themselves a new present from the universe. I’ll be throwing out lots more over the next few weeks, so I cant wait to see a smiley person walk past me with my sparkly shoes on.

I’m ready….creating the clearing for myself…inviting new possibilities into my life, spring is here and new life and dreams are to be born. “Dear universe I am ready to receive them. Bring it on”

Image above: “Burst” – from my “Greenlife or Greylife…?” series. Original and Prints available here.