Image = “Love Is” Original sold, but prints are available in the shop and also in a few different colour combinations.

With just ten days to Valentines I thought it appropriate to share some love and hearts. I was so excited when a fellow blogging friend (and soon to be “an artful journey” friend) began her quest to find hearts in all sorts of places for the run up to Valentines. “Looking for love in unexpected places” Chrissy is also asking her readers to submit their own findings. Check out her progress and fab blog here. I submitted the heart stone from my girlfriends “creativity in the Woods” weekend last labor day.

Hearts can be found in some amazing places and Kelly Rae actually has a fab collection on her flickr of all the hearts she has also found on her travels….id LOVE to have a collection like this myself…so inspirational.

So talking of inspiration…..I also decided to “heart myself” to some art I love, so I popped over to Cathy Nichols site. Cathy’s art always inspires me, its amazing and her recent encaustic pieces are wonderfully vibrant that I’m dying to learn how to create my own using this technique. I just had to get something, so I am soon to be the proud owner of 2 of her small paintings which will hang in my bedroom.. I’m sooo excited!

So lovely creative souls, as you wrap up your week and ease into the weekend, keep an eye out for your own heart discoveries, you will be amazed at how they now start appearing and speaking to you.