Day 4 of the Mondo Beyondo Course and I have to say I’m loving it! There are posts every day, which at first I thought would be a little too much but they are such fabulous thought starters that I cant wait to log on to see what delights await. We are also just getting to know the other souls on the course too so its wonderful…. There is another funny story there which I may elaborate on another time, but my friend Diane is also doing the class and we are both in the Lavender group, now the universe is trying to tell us something as Lavender comes up in our lives often, so we are hoping that Mondo Beyondo might help us work out why!…anyway….

So before I got to check out the course, I had a dentist appointment and not that I am ever eager to get to the dentist I was early so picked up the Oprah Mag “O” in the waiting room (well actually, it was sitting next to me screaming to be read when I sat down)….. upon opening it I found a story on “The Art of Perfect Timing”, discussing how some tune in to their timekeeping impulses and recognize when the time is right to go for it! (which others sometimes perceive as “Lucky”). Author Martha Beck goes onto say “Ironically, the only way to access your inner guide about the future is to fully occupy the present. By noticing everything you’re feeling—physically, emotionally, and intuitively—in any given moment, you maximize your awareness of the “exquisitely refined” nonverbal timekeeper nudging your noggin.”

So, I mulled this over and when I got home found that today on Mondo Beyondo there was an audio interview waiting for us with SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), who I had not heard of before. She talked about why dreaming is so important and how dreams continue to shape us our whole lives long. The interview was honest and inspiring and two things resonated with me, that made the connection with the article I mention above…..SARK said “Dreams Don’t Go Away” and later on went on to comment that “The universe knows when it’s the right time”….so when I heard SARK mention this, I smiled to myself as I am constantly saying to friends when they have ahha moments, that “The universe is sending us messages everyday, we just don’t always listen as there’s too much distraction in the world, the ahha moments are when we listen and take action” I have to say that since I got rid of my TV (June 09) and have been spending more time creating, writing, thinking and listening, I have certainly been living more “in the moment” and listening to “the universe”. I know many think I’m crazy for saying that but I have had some cracking ahha moments recently! I think only when you do take notice of those messages and your inner guide sets off that alarm clock in your head that you realize that now IS the right time.

Want to start practicing “living in the moment?” Here’s some simple things to get you started

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