Such a gorgeous day weatherwise today. I was excited to wake to the sunshine and in anticipation of week two of my stained glass window glass at the Jersey City Artschool. I dabbled a little with glass about 10 years ago mainly painting on glass bowls and other items and a little stained glass design but its great to work with this medium again and the new possibilities are so endless that my head is spinning thinking of all the fabulous designs I could try out. Of course I was a little ambitious with my first design I drew out, so im trying something a little simpler.

Class #1 was really all about drawing out my design and getting to grips with cutting the glass, so this week I jumped straight into cutting and was sooo pleased to get most of the design cut out without too much breakage. (see top photo). The light coming into the studio was amazing so choosing glass was a lot of fun to see how it would look against the light.

Keith who teaches the glass has some fab work and he really opened my mind to the different types of designs you can now produce with stained glass. 4 weeks left of the class and I’m excited to see how i get on next week where i actually start soldering the pieces together YAY!